. Thursday, May 27 2010 

Farin called on the keeper of Charon’s boat.

“Charon, how deep can you take me?”


Pleading the Path Wednesday, May 26 2010 

Now God, who had sent down Lilith from her holy realm, saw the path that lay before the triad and took keen interest in Farin; for Lilith’s works were great and deserving of merit. The saints gathered and as one peaked down into the lower places; and they saw that good Sir Farin had met but a little company, of hell’s vast sea of sinners, and that snares lay in wait for him.

And the saints urged God to lift the curse that lay upon the city for which Farin so toiled; and as we have heard, God said that he would impart grace to the city through no lesser man than Farin of Rosgaliant, and so God would abolish the curse of famine and drought.

And we see that Farin knew God and took light into the depths, and the light saved the city, and Farin’s hands were thus made pure.

The triad arrived at the river Charon which passed down into the Underlying Sea. And here Maroph left Farin’s company, and returned to sleep beneath the Underworld; and Farin assayed the keeper of the boat, whiles Lilith slept at his breast and dared not to wake for a time: for the far side of Underworld’s river was an ugly place unfit for her virgin eyes.

The Second Descent Thursday, May 13 2010 

Lilith’s moth tugged at Farin’s heart and made him step to the edge of the Plateau. The Underworld’s vast expanse spread out before him, far below the cliff edge, like a map of phantom hills and ghostly trees.

The moth left Farin’s breast and cast bright light with its translucent wings.

A road passed along the cliff face, sloping steeply down until it reached the edge of the Underworld’s first forest, far, far below.

Lilith shone light into the darkness and fluttered down along the road, and Farin followed her into the earth’s bowls.