His voice creaked like old wheels. “Why come you my daughter Lilith to the chambers of our Underworld?”

“Lord,” said she, “I guard this strange man from Overland. He came upon our nemesis the Minotaur and sung my song. The powers sent me hence, and I took to the guise of this fair moth so I could hide by this stranger’s heart. He is named Farin of Rosgaliant. You see the blade he bears. Was ever a man so brave as to descend into hell preluding death?” And thus Lilith took again the fair form of a lover, and her wings grew slight and vanished as her core grew and took form. The powers graced her with a pure white hood to hide her maidenhood, for as the stories tell, though she was once a lover, the fates had seen to her hero Leoro the Valiant and slain him in the wilderness, and thus her maidenhood was never lost.

So Maroph, taking favor of Lilith and her patron knight, led Farin by the hand through the valley, until they came to the first circle of Underworld.