With the grace of saints, Lilith sung an old Overworld tune that reached into the heart of the Earth, wherein lived her father, fairy king of heaven, lain to rest until the day came when Overland would need him again. His name among men was Maroph, and his daughter’s song recalled to him man’s plight.

He rose from beneath the roots of the Underworld’s trees. The song led him to the boar, whose eyes shot red for sheer terror. The boar’s mother indwelt its dumb brain. By its mouth the witch said:

“Why rise you, Maroph, before the day of reckoning?”

Farin toppled from the beast’s jaws. Farin held tight to his sword, but when he rose, he found Maroph, mighty Maroph, astride the monster. And Maroph struck its skull upon the tree bark, and from the head removed the monster’s brains, and taking hold of Farin’s sword, sliced it into twenty parts, and scattered the fractions in the brambles, that their mistress may have no use of them again.